We have experienced the brutal growth of the financial industry and withstood severe tests of full supervisions to the industry. The year of  2016 has been described as the A year of FinTech. In 2017, FinTech will usher significant development, Innovation in AI, big data and blockchain are opening up new avenues of growth and focus on specific customer pain points. We hope that students who are studying at this school can pay attentions to current background of creative technology and enrich your knowledge through learning, making yourself a professional talent in financial service field . What’s more, we will make efforts to improve our intelligent technology level, so that to win the development opportunity in the future.

The school of finance will be an online and offline combination and provides specialized courses of wealth management, big data control, intelligent investment consulting, consumer finance, etc.to help students mastering cutting edge concepts and practices of the finance industry.  

In the future, the school will continue to fulfill its social responsibilities actively to promote academic exchanges and inspire innovations through various training programs, guiding the industry toward a more standardized and professional direction.

Gao Liankui, Economics Consultant of the School of Finance 

Gao Liankui, a well - known economist in China, acts as director of the World Economic Project of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies , Renmin University of China at present. He has put forward theories of "Principal of Balance Economics ", "New Welfare Society" "Precise Control" and other major theoretical discourses successively,  and these articles and views were widely reproduced by major medias.  In 2006, his article headlined "US New Finance Minister Came to Power, China Shall Highly Regarded ”published on Zaobao.com accurately predicted the financial crisis of Wall Street. In 2010, he complete the academic work "China’s Big Picture".