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Our Concept

 Technology Lead Smart Finance 

Our Vision

Tomorrow’s Fortune will be a reliable and respected financial service brand in the field of technology finance. 

Our Mission

To provide quality, efficient, safe, professional and compliance comprehensive financial services centering the increasing financial needs of customers, and make customers’ wealth dream come true!

Core Values

Customer Interest First

Adhering to the principle of customers’ interest first,  Fortune is committed to catch on individualized needs of customers and provide creative solution for them. To serve customers heatedly is the base and motivation of Fortune’s existence and development. The customer’s achievement is just the achievement of  Fortune. 

Respect Fortune Capital’s Employee

Talents are valuable resources and wealth for Fortune. We have made efforts to create an environment which can not only attract and retain talents, but also bring growth and development for employees. We trust our employees, respect our employees, and firmly believe that the key to success is to enable employees to play their enormous strength and skills

Treasure Fortune’s Reputation 

Fortune Capital attaches great importance to its reputation. In dealing with the relationships stakeholders, Fortune strictly observes the principals of open, transparent, upright, honest and responsible and has always schooled our behaviors with state policies, laws and moral norms, which is the strong support to Fortune Capital’s sustainable development.