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In 2013, we set up Fortune together with a shared dream in our hearts and have made breakthroughs in our works. We landed on US capital market in 2016 and won recognization to our auto finance from institutes and began to joint hands with capitals of financial institutes and break a new ground  for the future developments of enterprises. 

We have established depository and management cooperation with Langfang City Bank and realized direct depository with the bank, taking a key step in compliance operations. We acquired Qifa Technology, and as a result, we has a core R & D team for financial technologies now and has developed a patented Intelligent Consumer Credit Processing System, which is a good explanation for the concept that technical  innovation makes financial services easier.

Up to now, Our auto finance service terminals has broken 70 with more than 2000 employees, lending more than RMB 1.08 billion in total without bad debt,  and the overdue rate is kept 1.5% around, both the bad debt rate and the overdue rate are the lowest in the industry. Our wealth management service has presented in 37 cities in China and Los Angeles, forming a powerful global collaborative service network. From Single business to comprehensive financial innovations, we dedicated to provide all-around, individualized and globalized comprehensive asset allocation services. All these changes was born of our original will and adherence to the nature of finance .

In 2017, we identified the "Technology Lead Smart Finance” as our concept of development and maintains stable developments of one platform (Internet Financing Service Platform ITFIN) and two systems (Auto Loan Service System ALOAN+ and Intelligent Auto Risk Management System ARMS), to provide customers with professional, safe and convenient financial services. 

At present, in addition to the strategic cooperation reached between our overseas real estate investment funds and US-based Virtual Partner, our comprehensive asset allocation business has established all-around strategic cooperation with Castrol Fortune. Private equity investment, domestic and foreign insurance and other business units will be launched  successively also. Our future development strategy will continue to uphold the rigid and conservative style and meet customers’ needs of individualized global assets allocation through the cooperation with the first-class partners and our professional technical analysis to ensure the safe and reasonable assets allocation of customers’ assets and help them to achieve long-term and stable returns.

For us, the future will be a new world.

The journey we will take is the one that nobody has ever taken, the scenery we will see is the one that nobody has ever seen.

Hold dreams is our constant pursuit. 

Looking back, we are inspired; looking forward, we are confident.

Facing the new opportunity and challenge in the future, Our Fortune people will hold together and follow our dreams.