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Fortune Capital has never forgotten to repay the society while expanding our own business and fulfilled our responsibility and obligations as a social citizen to support public welfare undertakings. We have established a Fortune Capital Welfare Team and paid great attentions to special social groups and environment protection, helping and supporting more people, through our practical actions,  to improve their lives, realize their dreams, and share the benefits came from our business development.

Fortune Capital elite team went to Tengger Desert of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and its surrounding areas to make in-depth investigations. They revealed the severe situation of desertification faced by mankind to Fortune’s employees and community members through the video, text, photos and own experience to improve people’s awareness of environment protection and wake every citizen up to their responsibilities and obligations in environmental protection.

In addition, Fortune has joined the Alashan Ecological Association and will participate in activities related with environmental protection and charity actively in the name of enterprise to protect the Earth's ecosystems and make contributions to green positive energy! 

Fortune Capital responds to the country’s call for low-carbon and environmental protection and advocates and fulfills our social responsibilities as a corporate citizen. We make earnest efforts to promote public welfare and offer our compassion to  promote charity. Fortune Capital has initiated series of welfare activities from bottom to up and pass the passions for charity to all social circles.